• Designed specifically for the field of integrated photonics, a high-performance direct laser writing system with nanoscale 3D processing capabilities and high-accuracy alignment and positioning.
    Utilizing the principles of multiphoton polymerization (MPP), DLW-RD-Photonics achieves a minimum linewidth of less than one hundred nanometers and surface roughness to below ten nanometers, enabling high-precision nanoscale 3D processing on photonic chips.
    The advanced processing and alignment capabilities of DLW-RD-Photonics provide crucial support for integrated photonics technology, fostering significant innovation and breakthroughs in the field. Whether in research institutions or industrial applications, DLW-RD-Photonics is poised to meet the high-precision processing requirements of various applications within the integrated photonics domain.

Key Features:

- High-precision 3D processing

- High- accuracy position recognition and alignment

- High- accuracy positioning of the processing surface

- Real-time high-definition microscopy imaging

- Laser energy stabilization system

- Upgradable to ultra-high-speed processing mode

- Compatible with various substrate materials

- Automatic laser power compensation

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