Macro-to-nano-scale 3D direct laser
writing system

  • PROME-Uni is a high-performance and ultra-high fabrication efficiency nano-scale 3D direct laser writing system based on the principle of multi-photon polymerization. With modular optic-mechanical-electric design and long-time stability, the system offers the high-precision on demand for tailored 3D nano-, micro- and macro structures as well as large print area. It has important applications in photonic wire bonding, microfluidics, refractive &diffractive microoptics, optical sensing, metamaterials, micromechanics, etc.


Technical specifications

Printing technology:Multi-Photon Polymerization

Minimum XY feature size:100 nm *

Minimum vertical feature size:400nm *

Minimum surface roughness Ra:≤ 20 nm *

Maximum scan speed:80000 mm/s divided by lens magnification ▲

Maximum object height:70 mm

Maximum build volume:300mm × 300mm × 70 mm3

* Depending on the solution set, objective or photoresist
▲ Depending on the solution set, objective, and the printing mode of the scanning system. e.g. for 10X magnification: 8000 mm/s