• PROME-Uni is a high-performance and ultra-high fabrication efficiency nano-scale 3D direct laser writing system based on the principle of multi-photon polymerization. With modular optic-mechanical-electric design and long-time stability, the system offers the high-precision on demand for tailored 3D nano-, micro- and macro structures as well as large print area. It has important applications in photonic wire bonding, microfluidics, refractive &diffractive microoptics, optical sensing, metamaterials, micromechanics, etc.


Key Features:

High Precision

- Minimum feature size ≤70nm, surface roughness ≤10nm

- Nanoscale positioning

- Stitch-free processing

Ultra-fast speed

- Maximum scanning speed up to 80,000mm/s

- Parallel processing

High stability

- Constant temperature and humidity control system

- Automatic optical calibration, automatic leveling of processing surface, and real-time autofocus

High Flexibility

- Multiple processing modes available, quick upgrades and expansions

- Option for professional and intelligent modes in the fully automatic visual process control system

- Graphical and process-editing language for enhanced equipment control flexibility

- High-precision detection and positioning module, ultra-high-speed processing module

3D large printing volume

- Unlimited processing volume

- Sufficient space for improving substrate holder

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