The processing services of Moji-Nano are mainly based on the customized development of molds and masters and the mass production of components. Combining with self-developed equipment, we have developed a unique and mature processing technology for many industrial fields, such as micro-optics, bio-medical, integrated photonics, new materials and anti-counterfeiting.
        We are capable of manufacturing spherical, aspheric and free-form 3D micro-optical devices, refractive elements such as micro-mirrors with arbitrary 3D shapes, diffractive optical elements (DOE) such as microlens arrays, gratings and optical diffusers, customized manufacturing of templates and inlay processing of finished products; plate and mold making of microfluidic chips, customized mass production of 3D cell scaffolds and drug-carrying nano-needles; and plate making and manufacturing of transfer molds with features such as high reflection, gradient color and stereoscopic vision.
        Moji-Nano equipment, technology and production processes can participate in the exploration of product manufacturing and processing solutions in more industries, waiting for your call or letter!