• A high-performance 3D direct laser writing device designed for high-precision processing tailored for fiber sensing and optical communication applications. Utilizing the principles of multiphoton absorption and equipped with NanoStudio software, this device achieves nanoscale accuracy alignment, enabling the fabrication of optical components with sub-micron accuracy on optical fibers or photonic chips,ensuring high-precision manufacturing for diverse application needs.
    MJ-Works-Fiber can directly fabricate various microstructures on the surface of optical fibers or photonic chips, such as micro-lenses, diffractive gratings, and micro-optical elements, facilitating customized designs. Users can effortlessly create complex optical elements with high-precision structural layouts.

Key Features:

- Dual-wavelength femtosecond laser

- Complex 3D micro-nano fabrication on fiber end face

- Modification in optical fiber core by high-energy

femtosecond laser pulse

- High-accuracy positioning of optical fiber core

- Real-time high-definition microscopy imaging

- Laser energy stabilization system

- Customized optical fiber fixture

- Sub-100nm linewidth, sub-10nm surface roughness

- Focal spot shaping

- Support for single optical fiber and optical fiber arrays

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