A High-Efficiency Micro-Nano Three-Dimensional Processing Device Specifically Designed for Biological Applications

  • DLW-RD utilizes the principle of multiphoton polymerization (MPP), featuring nanoscale high-precision 3D processing capabilities to meet the manufacturing demands of complex biological structures. The equipment is equipped with a customized sample stage that can be flexibly configured and customized according to specific needs, accommodating different requirements for biological medical samples and microfluidic chip printing.

Key Features:

- Nanoscale Precision 3D Processing

- Biocompatible Materials

- Fluorescence Detection Module

- Autofocusing System

- Laser Energy Stabilization System

- Customizable Sample Stage

- Ultra-High-Speed Processing Module

- Support for Various Biomedical Applications

For equipment parameters,please call 0535-2981985, 18615037228