• Maskless UV lithography equipment for wafer-level 2D/2.5D
    micro-nanostructure processing.
    The equipment, requiring no masks, achieves nanoscale precision with minimal stitching errors. It employs a proprietary high-speed processing method, offering high direct writing speed and resolution. Featuring integrated design, full automation, and user-friendly operation, it accommodates substrates up to 12 inches, making it suitable for rapid prototyping, modeling, or small-batch production, facilitating industrial applications. Widely applied in microfluidics, semiconductors, biomedical engineering, and microelectronics.

Key Features:

- Higher alignment precision and uniformity

- Nanoscale motion accuracy and precise positioning

- Long-term stability control system

- Multiple processing modes available, allowing for quick upgrades and expanded services

- Automated visual control system

- Real-time imaging measurement system

- Automatic leveling and focusing of the processing surface

- Larger processing area, suitable for different-sized substrates

- Infinity field of writing to reduce stitching errors

- Compatible with various substrates, providing automated wafer chuck

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