Desktop 3D direct laser writing system

    DLW-RD is a compact, desktop-type, low-cost design but fully-equipped 3D direct laser writing system. It is based on the principle of multi-photon polymerization and can realize high-precision 3D fabrication.It is capable of the enclosed optical system, vibration isolation system, and temperature control system, enabling this compact and low-cost equipment has the ability of high accuracy and stability in long-time processing. The achievable minimum feature size of down to 160 nm provides full user benefit for R&D and rapid prototyping.


Technical specifications

Printing technology:Multi-Photon Polymerization

Minimum XY feature size:160 nm *

Minimum vertical feature size:400nm *

Minimum surface roughness Ra:≤ 20 nm *

Maximum object height:25 mm

Maximum build volume:50 × 50 × 25 mm3

* Depending on the solution set, objective or photoresist