Desktop level compact 3D laser direct writing device

  • Based on the principle of multi-photon polymerization, DW-RD has a closed optical path design and a unique vibration isolation temperature control system, making the miniaturized and economical equipment also have long-term stability during processing. Thanks to multi-photon polymerization and high degree of freedom design, a high-precision 3D manufacturing solution is presented, which ADAPTS multi-functional materials and plays an important role in key applications such as biomedical engineering, micro-optical devices, and metamaterials.

Main features:

- Compact design, full function, easy to operate

- No mask required, 100nm precision 3D processing

- Ultra-high speed machining mode

- High precision nano positioning system

- HD microscopic imaging system

- Laser energy stabilization system

For equipment parameters,please call 0535-2981985, 18615037228