Superiority of our products

Mechanical engineering

  • PROME-Uni.png

  • Constant Temperature Control System

    Advanced Optical System

    Multilevel Vibration Isolation System

    Fully Automatic Control System

Printing Material

  • [A wide variety of printing materials for nano-precision 3D fabrication]

    Enable 3D fabrication with high resolution and the smallest feature size of 70nm;

    Fast response time suitable for high-speed 3D nanofabrication;

    Excellent adhesion, suitable for various substrates such as metal, glass, silicon wafer, etc.;

    Excellent mechanical properties, suitable for complex three-dimensional structures;

    Green and environment-friendly;

    Fully compatible with our 3D fabrication system.

  • Moji Nano


  • Open sources 3D-design software


    Multiple automatic slicing method for high-speed 3D fabrication

    Real-time imaging with high-resolution

    Real-time preview of the 3D structure of the printing object

    High-precision automatic alignment and positioning

    One-click rapid autoleveling, autofocus,and autotracking

    Concise scripting language for the customized industrial production process

    Reserved software interface for upgrade and extension