Ultrafast laser
micro-nano fabrication center

    The ultra-fast laser micro-nano machining center combined with additive and subtraction materials can be used for ultra-fast laser micro-nano precision processing equipment for industrial production. It can realize the three-dimensional additive of photoresist materials, as well as the functions of metal, alloy, glass and other materials such as drilling, surface structure treatment, selective laser ablation, modification and so on.

    With high precision, ultra-high speed, large format processing, automatic control, long-term stability, simple and intuitive software and adaptive functionalization of a variety of materials, can be widely used in micro-nano optics, biomedicine, semiconductor, optical communication and other industries of micro-nano processing.


Technical specifications

Processing technology:Multiphoton polymerization (MPP) + subtractive manufacturing

Minimum XY feature size (MPP):160 nm *

Minimum surface roughness Ra (MPP):≤ 50 nm *

Maximum scan speed:1000 mm/s divided by lens magnification and multiply by number of focal spots ▲

Maximum object height (MPP):70 mm

Maximum build volume (MPP):300 × 300 × 70 mm3

Processing  material:Multiphoton polymerization: Photoresist Subtractive manufacturing: glass, metal, alloy

* Depending on the solution set, objective or photoresist.
▲  The magnification of the objective is related to the number of focal points in parallel processing. For example, a 10X objective with 100 focal points has a speed of 10,000 mm/s