Ultrafast laser
nanoscale fabrication center

Additive and subtractive 2D/3D manufacturing

Multifunctional system designed for polymer, glass, metal and alloy

Nanoscale resolution and precision

Fully automatic operation



Technical specifications

Printing technology:multiphoton polymerization + subtractive manufacturing

Wavelength:1030 nm, 515 nm

Pulse duration:400 fs~10 ps(optional)

Repetition rate:10 KHz-5 MHz

Average power:>20 W

Maximum fabrication area:300 mm(optional)

Maximum linear speed:1000 mm/s

Temperature stability:≤±0.1 ℃

Extensibility: Parallel fabrication with maximum number of focal spots: 400, automatic imaging with full frame and high definition, automatic target recognition, multiaxis simultaneous fabrication

Depending on the working environment