• An ultrafast laser micro-nano fabrication center with additive and subtractive materials enables 3D additive processing of photoresists and surface structure treatment, such as selective laser ablation or modification of glass, metal, alloy, etc.

  • With features of high precision, ultra-high speed, large-area processing, fully automatic control, long-time stability, smart and intuitive workflow software, that make it the optimal tool for rapid prototyping and batch processing in the fields of micro-optics, biomedical engineering, photonics integration, micromechanics and et al..

Key Features:

Dual-Wavelength Femtosecond Laser System

- Compatible with a variety of processing materials, enabling additive and subtractive manufacturing

High-Energy Femtosecond Laser Pulses

- Material surface subtractive processing or internal modification + complex 3D structures

High Precision

- Minimum feature size ≤ 100nm, surface roughness ≤ 10nm

- Nanoscale high-accuracy position recognition and alignment

High Speed

- Maximum scanning speed up to 80,000mm/s

- Parallel processing

High Stability

- Laser energy stabilization system

- High-precision constant temperature control system

- Optical stabilization, automatic leveling of the processing surface, automatic focusing, and automatic tracking of the processing surface

Real-Time High-Definition Microscopic Imaging

3D Large-Area Processing

Focusing Spot Shaping Technology

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