Maskless direct laser
writing equipment

    Based on UV lithography, the MN-UV-Smart lithography system combines SLM maskless printing technologies, making it the optimal tool for rapid prototyping and wafer-scale batch processing of virtually any 2D and 2.5D structures.
           The compact and integrated design, fully automatic control, powerful and user-friendly workflow, high writing speed, and high resolution make it suitable for rapid prototyping and small batch production, with applications in microfluidics, semiconductors, biomedical engineering, and microelectronics.


Technical specifications
Write mode
Minimum feature size
0.3 µm
1 µm
4 µm
Minimum lines and spaces
0.45 µm
1 µm
5 µm
Global 2nd layer alignment [3σ, nm]
0.5 µm
0.5 µm
1.0 µm
Maximum write speed
40 mm 2 /min
900 mm 2 /min
3000 mm 2 /min
Light source
405 nm/365 nm                                          
Substrate sizes
Variable: 50mm×50mm  to 8''×8'' | Optional: 10'' × 10'' Customizable on request
Substrate thickness
 0 -12 mm
Maximum exposure area
50x50mm 2 /100x100mm 2 /200x200mm 2(customized)