• UV-Smart lithography system integrates various SLM maskless printing technologies, making it the ideal tool for rapid prototyping and wafer-scale batch processing of virtually any 2D and 2.5D structures. The compact and integrated design, fully automatic control, powerful and user-friendly workflow, high writing speed, and high resolution make it suitable for rapid prototyping and small batch production, with applications in microfluidics, semiconductors, biomedical engineering, and microelectronics.

Key Features:

High Speed

- With digital pattern projection maskless lithography to achieve fast, high-precision processing.

- Fast and straightforward workflow to alignment.

High-precision Alignment

- Infinite field of writing mode to reduce stitching errors.

- Visual alignment and real-time visualization of processing pattern

- Alignment compensation:Correction of rotation, offset, scaling.

Longtime Stability

- One-click automatic focusing and real-time interface tracking to avoid floating error during long-time processing.

- High precision temperature control system to ensure long-time processing stability.

High Flexibility

- Switch multiple machining modes with one click to meet different processing accuracy and speed requirements.

- Providing modular system design for upgrade and extension.

- Grayscale exposure processing to achieve complex 2.5D structure processing. (Optional)

- The automatic visual-assisted control system (optional professional or intelligent mode) adopts the graphical and process editing languages to maximize the convenience and freedom of equipment control. Compatible with DXF, GDSII, STL, BMP, PNG and other file formats, real-time measurement of processing results.

- Various substrates include glass, sapphire, metal, and various other silicon-based materials.

- Vacuum chucking system, suitable for substrates of different sizes and shapes.


- Meet the demand of rapid machining and modeling.

- Advanced Packaging | Micro-nano Optics | Microfluidic Chips | Microelectronic | Photomasks | Semiconductor

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