• • Nanoscale 3D printing

  • • Maskless UV lithography

  • • Ultrafast laser ablation

        MOJI-NANO is a high-tech enterprise of 3D micro and nano manufacturing established in 2017. Our core R&D team has more than 12 years of experience in ultra-fast laser processing technology. Moji-Nano is committed to producing the high-precision 3D direct laser writing system with independent intellectual property rights, and provides a complete technical solution of optics system, mechanical system, control system, and materials, etc.

        MOJI-NANO's products combine nanoscale 3D fabrication and mass production, also offers a modular system for custom-made and third-party printing materials, to provide a powerful 3D nanofabrication solution for research labs and industrial applications with the high quality and output requirements in the fields of biomedical engineering, material engineering, integrated photonics, microoptics devices, etc.